Two in custody for this morning’s gunning down of Smyth St. man


Two men are now in police custody in connection with the gunning down of a Smyth Street, Charlestown resident, at his residence early this morning.

Oriley Small
Oriley Small

Reports are that the shooting took place around 03:30h when a lone gunman approached Oriley Small after he had just returned home from a ‘night spot’.

INews understands that Small was inside of his yard when he was shot multiple times about his body by an armed man who is reported to have been dressed in a hooded t-shirt.

Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken, told INews minutes ago that the police have two persons in custody at present who are assisting with the investigations into the man’s execution.

According to Hicken, the investigation is on-going and it is hoped that the law enforcement officials would bring justice to the family of the now dead man.




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