Two homeless after Berbice fire; arson suspected


Two persons are now homeless after a fire Saturday evening fire completely destroyed a house at Number Two Village, East Canje, Berbice.

At the time of the fire, no one was at home.

Government part-time worker, Kashia Reid and her cousin who occupy the wooden building, had reportedly left on Saturday morning to attend a birthday celebration at West Demerara.

Residents say fire was seen in the house at about 19:00h.

One neighbour who is also a cousin of both victims, Jermaine Lampkin, said he walked by the house and noticed nothing amiss but shortly after he reached home, he heard shouts of ‘fire’. He said, initially, he thought the fire was at Fort Ordinance.

The house on fire

“I just pass here and is not five minutes so I didn’t think that is her [house],” he said.

Neighbours say the building was completely destroyed within 8-10 minutes.

Reports are that when the fire was first seen, it was protruding from the ceiling and the entire building was quickly engulfed.

According to one neighbour, the door was opened and the padlock off when he went to the fire scene leaving many to believe that someone have gained access to the building and left shortly before the fire.

Reid reportedly claimed that two days prior, she received a phone call stating that there were plans being made to burn the building.

Divisional Fire officer Clive Mc Donald says that from initial investigations, it would appear that the fire was maliciously set.

The investigation is ongoing.