Two Guyanese smugglers held in T&T with TT$1m in medicine


According to a report published today in the Trinidad Express, two Guyanese nationals are in police custody after they were caught smuggling an estimated $1 million in pharmaceutical drugs from Guyana to Trinidad.

drugAccording to police reports, on Friday, a team of officers from Arouca Police Station, the Arouca CID and Northern Division Task Force, under the supervision of Senior Supt David Abraham with assistance from Supt Daniel, Insp Price, Insp Maraj, Sgt Joseph, Sgt Pitt and Cpl Leon, among several others, made their way to a home in St Helena.

The officers, acting on information received, executed a search warrant in the presence of a 46-year-old man and a 39-year-old man.



  1. As a Guyanese I am always saddened when my fellow citizens do such crap by being involved in illegal activities. Too much thieving and corruptions of some of my country-men, we need to stop it and start being honest. I think this problem stem from how many of us were raised, hence our parents are to be blamed for the dishonest behaviours displaying in our society today and a long time ago. These guys must feel the brunt of the law for their dishonest gains. Now the sick in my country, our country has been left without valuable drugs to aid their health! I am a patriotic Guyanese and I abhor dishonesty, it is time we cleanse this thieving habit.

  2. Release these two persons names. Are they APNU suppliers who were fighting down Bobby for the drugs supply contract with GPHC? Poor Norton’s people them.Wrong way to do business.


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