Two cars fished out of Hadfield Street canal following accident



Two persons are now hospitalised following a collision between two cars at the Mandela and Hadfield Streets junction early Thursday Morning. As a result of the impact, both vehicles ended up in a nearby canal and had to be fished out by public spirited citizens.

The two damaged vehicles after they were taken out of the canal
The two damaged vehicles after they were fished out of the canal

Mark Hackett, the driver of Toyota Carina PEE 7506 and Adiola Bess, a passenger in the said vehicle and an employee of the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment.

Reports are that Toyota Carina bearing registration plate PEE 7506 was heading east along Hadfield Street and had stopped, but was given the signal by another motorist on Mandella Avenue to proceed across the road which had stopped for him to proceed. However , the Toyota Premio bearing registration plate PPP 8629 who was heading South on Mandella Avenue, undertook the vehicle giving way to the Carina causing the accident.




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