Two captured Jaguars now at Zoo – will take some time before they adjust to new environment


Two Jaguars which were recently captured by residents in Essequibo are now housed at the Zoological Park, Vlissengen Road, according to GINA.

One of the jaguars housed at the Zoological Park
One of the jaguars housed at the Zoological Park

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman visited the Zoological Park today, to check on the condition of the animals. He said, they’re still a bit traumatised having been captured and brought from the interior to an urban setting.

Trotman explained that it will take some time before they adjust to their new environment.

Additionally, the Minister said that, “we’re exploring the possibility of having the Jacksonville Zoo in Florida, send some experts to give some treatment and also even the possibility of relocating them to some other part of Guyana at a later stage.”

Minister Trotman also said that, “it’s commendable that the villagers did not kill the animals because of course there’s always a… desire to get back at the animals for stealing cattle and dogs and so forth.”

Jaguars (Panthera onca) are Guyana’s national animal and are protected by law. They vary in colour, are excellent swimmers and are the top savannah and forest predators.  Jaguars stalk their targets and hunt both in the day and in the night, preying on monkeys, cattle, dogs, fish and capybara.



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