Two brothers killed in accident on Den Amstel public road


Two brothers are now dead following an accident on the Den Amstel Public road on the West Coast of Demerara just before midday on Tuesday.

Dead are Sherman West, 28, and Shalum Alim, 19, of Fellowship, West Coast Demerara.

This is according to Police “D” Division Commander, Rishi Das via a telephone interview with INews.

Das explained that a minibus was parked on the northern side of the road, while the two victims were riding on a bicycle on the same side.

He related that the duo attempted to overtake the parked minibus when it suddenly swerved out, hitting them before causing a collision with a second minibus which was traveling south.

The brothers were pronounced dead, subsequently after.

The incident occurred occurred at about 11:20hrs today.

Police have confirmed that the two minibus drivers, who are presently in custody, were tested and found to have no trace of alcohol in their systems.

Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)



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