Two ambulances, medical team on standby as budget debates get underway


By Kurt Campbell

The ambulances parked and ready in the compound of Parliament. [iNews' Photo]
The ambulances on standby in the compound of Parliament. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Two fully equipped ambulances and medical team of three persons have been provided to the National Assembly for the duration of the 2014 budget debates which commences today (Monday, March 31).

Speaker of the House Raphael Trotman extended appreciation to the Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsarran for the provision of these services and invited MPs to make use of the services provided if they so desire.

Last year similar provisions had to be put in place after former opposition MP Richard Allen collapsed in the National Assembly during budget debates.

Budget debates are usually lengthy and tiring and as such these provisions are seen by all as absolutely necessary.

The debates are expected to last for seven days.


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