Tuschen residents take to streets to demand justice for 4-yr-old accident victim


Residents of Tuschen New Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, today, took to the streets to call for justice for 4-year-old Ramkarran Mohan who was fatally struck down on March 14, 2017 by a female driver, who is yet to be formally charged.

The scene in Tuschen today was chaotic as the family along with villagers protested what they deemed as injustice for the driver of the car which struck down Mohan to have been released on $20,000 station bail.

Villagers who joined the protest indicated that the woman, who is said to be the daughter of a senior Police Officer in “D” Division had reportedly claimed that she is “untouchable”.

Family members of the victim are also claiming that the investigating officers are giving them the “royal runaround” whenever they attempt to inquire about the case.

As such the dead child’s mother, father, grandmother and other relatives and friends are calling for justice to be served and vow to keep on protesting until such time.

“I’m the grandmother of this baby, Ram,  and I’m calling [for] justice because this female driver that hit my grandson and drag him and run him over [is] paying no interest. They do not even come and sympathize with me. He [driver’s father] is the second under the commissioner of police and she could walk free, she is untouchable”, the 4-year-old’s grandmother, Bibi Nazmoon Khan said.

In addition, Khan said “I need justice. Who will be the next? This is a baby and this is the road, I need justice for my grandson!”

The mother of  dead child questioned whether her son was the only victim who  was injured by the errant driver while noting that the same driver is allegedly unlicensed.

The lad  of Lot 1088 Tuschen New Housing Scheme, EBE, was returning home in the company of his uncle when he met his demise on Tuesday last.

Reports are that the duo went to purchase a ball at a nearby shop around 11:00h when the accident occurred. After the child was struck, the woman was reportedly unaware that she had hit the lad and stopped several feet away after the child’s uncle ran in front of the vehicle.

Accident victim: Ramkarran MohanThe  injured boy was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

Meanwhile, when contacted, D Division Commander, Leslie James related that the case file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice.



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