TUF congratulates APNU+AFC on coalition victory

Leader of TUF, Marissa Nadir.
Leader of TUF, Marissa Nadir.
Leader of TUF, Marissa Nadir.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The United Force’s (TUF) Leader, Marissa Nadir has extended congratulations to “President Elect, David Granger, and the APNU + AFC coalition on their victory at the May 11th Polls.”

According to a press statement from the Party, “Nadir said that while there are still some inconsistencies in the results including the reconciliation of TUF aggregate votes. TUF is of the view that the coalition has won the elections.”

TUF is calling on supporters of all the Parties to respect the wishes of the people and to behave in a manner that will restore the good within the citizenry.

“This is not a time for gloating and over-zealous expressions of victory, nor is it a time to hold malice and hatred, we now enter a period of reconciliation and healing after a most divisive campaign,” said the TUF Presidential Candidate.

“TUF is also calling on members of the Public to respect and embrace each other as we move Forward as a nation. The Party emphasizes that we are all Guyanese, people of this great land and must live together with and in civility.TUF wishes that President Elect Granger and his government will work towards the continued progress of our people regardless of race, class, creed or region,” the statement added.




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