T&T man murdered after Facebook threats

Kevon Richardson
Kevon Richardson

(Trinidad Guardian) Although Kevon Richardson was not a major player on police’s radar, his connection to the criminal underworld and “running his mouth” may have cost him his life.

Investigators said Richardson, 37, even provided bodyguard services for several businessmen with criminal ties.

Therefore, when he posted several videos on Facebook alleging that some of them were moving drugs through well-known areas, it was suspected that he would be silenced.According to reports, Richardson, of Ayres Avenue, Princes Town, was discovered dead in a track, just 100 metres from his home around 6.30 am on day. He was shot in the head.Princes Town police reported that around 10.30 pm Monday, they received a call from residents who reported hearing gunshots in the community. However, when police checked, they found no suspects and the community was quiet. Richardson’s relatives declined to comment on his murder yesterday, but friends remembered him as a “cool person.”

In one of several live videos posted on Facebook, Richardson accused a Princes Town businessman of “moving drugs in the I8.” He then says, “Allyuh turn from allyuh wicked ways.”

Police said that same businessman operates a cash for gold business and drive “fancy cars.” In the same video, he also identified an auto parts dealer, threatening to expose his business of selling stolen parts and stealing it back from his customers. Richardson also identified by name the owner of a San Fernando nightclub, threatening to “tell people” that he was afflicted with several sexually transmitted diseases.

“If you do not comply, we is going to lie and tarnish your character.”

The video also called the names of several other businessmen in an apparent attempt to extort funds for a children’s event.

In another video, he also threatened to expose soldiers who were sent to his house by a female relative recently. In that video, he also threatened to expose a businessman who was selling alcohol without a liquor license.

 “Any soldier from the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force what want war and battle, put down allyuh gun, put down allyuh badge and allyuh come and let me beat allyuh (expletive) bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.”

By yesterday afternoon, there was a social media post circulating that alleged that the man in the photo was “the coward who killed Kevon Richardson from behind this morning so that he could ply his drug trade in Lothians, Princes Town.”

Two months ago, Richardson was at his parents’ home in Princes Town when a female relative called the police. She reported that he had been behaving in an erratic and violent way. When officers arrived and attempted to subdue Richardson, he began tussling with the officers. An officer shot Richardson in the leg.

In January, his brother Brent Richardson was shot dead while liming at a bar in Princes Town, Two brothers are before the court, charged with his murder.


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