T&T granny was stabbed, strangled


(Trinidad Guardian) Seventy-six-year-old Ramdevi Singh was stabbed once in the back of the neck, a wound which paralysed her before her killer/s used her pajama pants to strangle the remaining life out of her.

Killed: Ramdevi Singh

Speaking with the T&T Guardian after completing her autopsy yesterday, pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov said Singh might have been chased by her attacker/s after they broke into her Imamshah Street, Chaguanas home Monday morning. Singh’s cause of death was a combination of the stabbing and the strangulation, Alexandrov said.

“In death certificate I indicated that this was a ligature strangulation, combined with a stab wound to the upper cervical spinal cord. What I am trying to say, even if she survived she would have been paraplegic, which was unlikely,” Alexandrov said.

Relatives of Singh said on Monday they had been lamenting the state of the country and reading the comments made by Broadbridge’s son Stephen just before being told of Singh’s murder. Police suspect Singh’s killing took place around 3.30 am but was only discovered around 9 am Monday morning.

The retiree was the second woman killed during a home invasion.




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