T&T cop in murder/suicide left behind three letters

BRUTAL END: SRP Michael Youksee and his estranged wife, WPC Rackel Kipps, in happier times.
BRUTAL END: SRP Michael Youksee and his estranged wife, WPC Rackel Kipps, in happier times.

(Trinidad Newsday) Hours before Special Reserve Constable Michael Youksee shot dead his estranged common-law wife and then turned the gun on himself on Sunday, he wrote three letters. One addressed to his sister Patsy, and two others to his 17-year-old daughter and her two-year-old sister apologising for his action.

The letters were found in his bedroom after he killed PC Rackel Kipps and then shot himself in the head.

They were handed over to his sister by investigators.

In his letter to Patsy, Youksee left instructions on how his assets should be shared and she was told to ensure that his daughters received an equal share of everything he owned. He profusely apologised claiming he was frustrated over the separation between himself and Racquel.

Youksee also said he never wanted to end his life because of his undying love for his daughters, but he could not deal with the taunts he was receiving from colleagues.

Last Saturday night he held on to his teen daughter and cried hysterically telling her he was frustrated and could not continue to live a normal life. He did not tell her of his plan. The child told relatives she tried to comfort him but he continued crying most of Saturday night.

In his letter to the teen, he thanked her for her support and understanding and asked her to take care of her sister and forgive him.

In his letter to the two-year-old child, Youksee expressed his undying love to her and also asked her to forgive him for not being there when she needed him. At a wake on Tuesday night in Champs Fleur, she cried and asked relatives “where is my mummy and daddy? I want my mummy and daddy.”

Her elder sister is also trying to come to terms with the loss of her father and stepmother.

Youksee’s funeral is scheduled to take place today (Thursday) at the San Juan RC Church, and he will be buried at the San Juan Hill cemetery.

Kipps’ funeral is expected to be held tomorrow at the St Joseph RC Church at 10 am, followed by burial at the St Joseph cemetery. She is expected to be given a military funeral.

Kipps ended her relationship with Youksee two months ago and moved out of his Mt D’or Road home. She had complained about threats to her life and domestic violence.

The estranged couple were receiving counselling from the Family Court, but Kipps wanted to move on with her life. Youksee reportedly continued to threaten her, and on Sunday he asked her at gunpoint to confess about her alleged relationship with a junior officer but she insisted that she was not involved with anyone. Youksee did not believe her and he shot her once and then shot himself.

Yesterday, ACP McDonald Jacob, whose office is based at the St Joseph police station where Kipps worked, said: “I have heard about the letters but I do not know what information they contain.” He said Kipps’ were troubled over her death.

“I want to promote conflict resolution in the police service, to improve the communication, and also within the community,” he said.

He recommended mediation counselling and an increase in the number of social workers assigned to the police service. In relation to Kipps, he said as far as he is aware she was not involved in any relationship as she was being accused of. Jacob said, last Friday Kipps lent her car to a junior officer at the station who left to buy food, and when Youksee saw the constable driving Kipps’ car he became enraged. He said that junior officer also took Kipps to a pastor to seek counselling after she confessed that she was contemplating ending her life because of stress. Police said yesterday they are yet to trace the origin of the illegal gun which Youksee used.





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