T&T businessman killed in bar


(Trinidad Express) A businessman who went to a bar to meet someone was shot dead in Curepe on Wednesday evening.

Ramlochan Jamuna, 63, died at the scene.

Jamuna lived at Bamboo Boulevard, Valsayn, and owned a radiator shop in central Trinidad, police said.

At around 6 p.m. he and two of his workmen went to Roxanne’s Bar at the corner of Sellier and Riverside Roads.

Jamuna bought beers for three, as they waited there to meet someone, police were told.

Around 6.15 p.m. a man walked up to Jamuna and fired several shots at close range. The killer ran out in the busy streets and escaped.

Jamuna’s killing took the murder toll to 429, according to an Express tally.


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