Truck slams into Christmas tree at Parc Rayne, cyclist injured


A bicyclist was this morning rushed to the hospital where he is receiving medical attention after a container truck collided with him just outside Parc Rayne, Greater Georgetown which was also the scene of an accident last year where the artificial Christmas tree was damaged.

This time the 70Ft tree was tilted again after the truck driver connected with it after reportedly swerving from the cyclist.

This publication was told that it was raining at the time before 09:00h and the cyclist allegedly darted across the road.

At the scene, the fence at the tree was broken, while the bike was smashed and also broken into several parts. It is understood that truck driver received injuries to his hand.

The tree is being set up for the 13th annual Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree light-up.

Proprietor and host of the yearly event, who was at the scene of the accident, Ray Rahaman told this publication that “the cyclist went across the road, the truck was coming in the rain, he pulled brakes, he couldn’t be going fast because there was a lot of traffic, so it is not the fault of the truck, it is the fault of the cyclist.”

Moreover he said that “these things happen and are unfortunate for the nation…But the fortunate part is that it is not on the ground, this year it didn’t fall, so the lord testing us but he still helping us. So we will lift it with a crane now…the entire tree from the top, put it on the road here, build over the stand, put it back by this afternoon and then we are in business again.”

Investigations are ongoing.

See more photos of the accident below:



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