Truancy campaign nabs 17 children in Region 2


Welfare Officers in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) have nabbed 17 children to date after successfully executing a series of truancy campaign at the West Bury and Akawini villages.

INews was told that while the truancy campaign was on-going in Akawini a majority of students were found loitering in the village instead of being at classes during school hours.

truancySenior School’s Welfare Officer, Hamandeo Haimraj stated that when these children were approached by officials they related that while they want to pursue studies and attend classes their families are not financially capable of sending them to school regularly.
Additionally, a number of parents in the above mentioned villages complained about the difficulties they face financially in providing for their children as well as having them attend school, he said.

As such Haimraj pointed out that the recommendation is for these affected children to be placed at the Wakapao Secondary Dormitory so as to allow them the opportunity of having access to education.

He posited that his Region’s Education Department will provide assistance in the form of transportation during this process since travelling is very costly in those areas.

Meanwhile, Village Councilors from the communities were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that arrangements are put in place so that the children can commence classes as soon as possible.

INews was also told that while the truancy campaign exercises were in full swing, a number of parents were educated about the benefits of sending their children to school as well as the positive impact which “good attendance” can have on their lives.

They were also informed about the Education Ministry’s policy in relation to attendance and punctuality in schools and about the duty of parents.

Haimraj posited that parents need to understand that if their children “miss one day at school they miss out on an important skill.”




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