Trotman avoids questions on rape allegations; Says Gov’t MPs lack confidence in him

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.


By Kurt Campbell

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews' Photo]
Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman during the press conference today. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Amid stinging criticisms, House Speaker Raphael Trotman during a press conference today, Tuesday, September 30, refused to comment on spiraling allegations that he molested a boy when he was 12 – years – old.

Trotman made it clear, before the start of the press conference, that no questions in relation to the allegations made by the now 22- year – old Johnny Anthony Welshman will be entertained.

But despite this warning, Trotman in an invited comment said he does not anticipate that the controversy that surrounds his person will have any implications on his role as Speaker when the House reconvenes on October 10 with a highly anticipated grueling debate on the pending No – Confidence Motion.

“As I said I will not answer any questions, but it’s a straightforward motion that does not require a Raphael Trotman to preside over,” he added.

When asked about reasoning that he is attempting to suppress the allegation by securing an injunction against the young man and that he should discontinue his function as Speaker until an investigation is complete, Trotman said “I will not be commenting on the allegations.”

Further, when asked about the possibility of him losing the confidence of Members of the House, Trotman responded “nothing is a problem, I was elected on a vote and that is how the Speaker is elected a vote.”

When pressed further, Trotman said he was elected on a slim one seat vote and knew ever since he was elected in 2012 that the government MPs had no confidence in him.

“That continues, I don’t know that I have ever won their confidence. So in the face of the fact that government was never confident in me or my performance…I am not at all minded by statements that they have no confidence in me because they all voted against me.”

He refused too to comment on the possibility of the administration using its influence in police system to see him charged for the offence in wake of the no confidence motion.

Welshman is accusing the Alliance for Change (AFC) Co-Founder of sexually abusing him when he was a young boy, an allegation Trotman has out rightly denied.

Yesterday, Government Chief Whip Gail Teixeira came out in defense of the young man; saying that that no allegation of sexual abuse whether made by a male or female and whether current or going back to their childhood, should be muzzled.

She has denounced what she said are attempts to gag the accuser. The Government Chief Whip believes the injunction sets a dangerous precedent.


  1. when u big u big and can gag the little ones from speaking —-the truth that is…when u big bad and powerful u can hide behind the judiciary while your colleagues clobber the victim in yours and their favorite press..talking about pppc “no confidence in you” do you have no shame to talk about pppc no confidence in you while you and others remain silent on people like basil williams and winston felix representing people in parliament? it means you condoned all they said on tape recordings plus discussing planting illicit drugs on a person when that person shows up at the airport…u want to still talk about no confidence or confidence you hypo?


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