Tropical storm warning issued; Guyana may experience thundershowers


The Ministry of Agriculture’s Hydrometrological Department has reported that Tropical Storm Gonzalo is expected to create conditions over northern Guyana that may result in thundershowers over the weekend.

In a press release, the Hydromet Department stated that the National Hurricane Centre first reported the system as a Tropical Depression but subsequently upgraded to a Tropical Storm on July 22, 2020.

It is located approximately one thousand six hundred fifty Kilometres (1650 Km) to the east-north-east of Georgetown and is moving west. Meteorological models indicate that the eye of the storm may be to the north of Guyana in the Atlantic Ocean as a hurricane between 8pm on July 24 and 8am July 25.

The storm is not expected to directly impact Guyana unless the system changes its trajectory and begin to travel towards the south-west. The Hydromet Department has assured that as soon as the extent of the thunderstorms and locations can be determined the public will be informed.

The Hydromet Department will continue to monitor the situation and assured that updates will be provided as the need arises. [Extracted from DPI]