Trotman’s accuser promises to expose Media House, Journalist; CJ upholds gag order

Johnny Welshman


By Leroy Smith

Johnny Welshman speaks to members of the media.
Johnny Welshman speaks to members of the media.

[] – The young man who claims he was raped by Speaker of the National Assembly, Johnny Welshman is now claiming that he would soon be suing media houses and exposing journalists.

Welshman is the one accusing Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman of buggering him when he was 12 – years – old; an allegation, which Trotman has vehemently denied and rejected, stating it is a political plot by the ruling People’s Progressive Party to destroy him.

Today, Wednesday, October 1, Welshman moved to the High Court, seeking to have the injunction filed against him by Trotman, discharged. However, Justice Ian Chang upheld the injunction, which prevents Welshman from publishing or speaking about the issue in the public or his Facebook Page.

Welshman was unrepresented while Trotman’s Attorney, Nigel Hughes was present. The Chief Justice advised Welshman to seek legal representation or advice as it pertains to what is expected of him with respect to complying with the rules of the Court.

Speaking with the media shortly after, Welshman said that he has a pen which is equipped with a camera and vowed to make damning revelations, which he has recorded.

“This pen here has a little camera in it and if it comes to a point where I have to expose journalists and who and who and who I will do it,” Welshman told reporters as he alleged that he received advice on the matter from Editor – in – Chief of the Kaieteur News and veteran journalist, Adam Harris.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews' Photo]
Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews’ Photo]
When contacted by iNews, Harris admitted that he did conduct an interview with Welshman, who told him that his funds were dwindling. Harris said that he advised the young man to seek a cheaper hotel and that “his allegations are what they are but once those are placed out there it remains out there.”

Harris denied ever making any call to the Speaker of the National Assembly in the presence of Welshman, as the young man claimed to another section of the media.

Again questioned about the merit of his allegations, Welshman is adamant that he is not lying and that his claims are in no way politically motivated.

Welshman says he plans to move to the Caribbean Court of Justice if he does not get satisfaction in Guyana.

The young man is alleging that his story has received international attention, as he noted that he has an interview planned later today at the Pegasus Hotel with the BBC and CCN 3

Efforts by iNews to verify this claim with Pegasus Hotel, proved futile.



  1. Dis bannah ead in good. This is laughable, BBC and CNN for a small bugger story? When ISIS and dem deh cutting off people head, leh dis bannah take a trip to Canje.

  2. Well! Well! I have never seen nor read about an alleged crime like this one. This is way out of proportion. Ppl have u not read abt the lies this young man is peddling?, everyday he is implicating someone else, I think he is looking for fame and sympathy. I pity him truly. Most of the ppl he wants to see fall are “public figures” he needs help. I wonder what the NGOs r doing abt it. R they not reaching out to him or r they afraid he may framed them as well. I am following this story to the end, and I know he will b put to shame.

  3. The common man on the street can look into the face of a lying piece of crap and see right through it , it will not be long before the truth is told may the almighty bring justice to the innocent .

  4. how is it that this young man was unrepresented in court in such a serious matter? aren’t,there thousands of lawyers in this country? are these lawyers paralyzed by fear of trotman and/or nigel hughes? before the chief justice gives his decision shouldn’t he have advised the young man to get a lawyer first? I am now losing hope for justice in this country.

  5. how com u not dancing and falling off your dancing table but when it was former police chief and Qwame mcoy u were tumbling off the table while dancing and hollering ppp must go ppp must go they are all guilty.

  6. Certain things should be taken one step at a time….and one gets the impression that this young man, having made such a serious allegation against someone such as The Speaker of the House of Parliament, is moving at a rather reckless pace….now even trying to embroider media operatives such as Mr Adam Harris. Strange.

  7. Trotman’s accuser promises to expose Media House, Journalist; CJ upholds gag order….once hughes is involved then you know he has the judiciary in his looked like a first year law student in the Linden COI where he was put down and put to shame…most guyanese now know how hughes does win cases in court after the lisignan killers were set and he jury foreman…..this young man will never get just justice in guyana..all guyanese know the court is stacked in opposition pnc favort..take your case international…


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