Trio to spend 3 years behind bars for possession of ecstasy


City Magistrate Leron Daly on Monday handed down a three-year sentence to three persons who were busted with a quantity of ecstasy, commonly known as the “date rape drug” at Bourda, Georgetown.

The Magistrate found that Omalo Garraway, 24, of Norton Street, Georgetown; Chevaro Jubithana, 22, of Princes Street, Georgetown and Olivia Grimes, 23, of Durban Street, Georgetown were guilty of having in their possession 40 amphetamine tablets, amounting to 10.5 grams on June 16, 2016 at Charlotte Street, Bourda.

The trio had initially denied the charges and were previously released on G$75,000 bail each upon their first court appearance.

The Magistrate on Monday ruled that sufficient evidence had been presented by the prosecution to prove them guilty.

Garraway stood unrepresented in the prisoner’s dock, while Jubithana and Grimes were absent from the court. The sentence was, nonetheless, handed down by the Magistrate and an arrest warrant was issued for the two absent co-accused


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