Trio of armed robbers kidnap, assault, rob Parika man, wanted $600,000 he didn’t have


-He was knocked unconscious and locked in his car trunk as the bandits fled 

A 23-year-old father of one is now in a traumatised state after bandits kidnapped, assaulted and robbed him before locking him in the trunk of his own car at Zeelugt New Scheme, West Coast Demerara on Monday.

The injured man has been identified as Rajendra Narine of Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

According to Narine, at around 10:30hrs on Monday, he left his home to run some errands- which included visiting a supermarket and a General store in Parika.

Rajendra Narine

The 23-year-old recalled that he was heading to Retreat road, Parika, to collect steel buckets from a relative, and he parked his Toyota Premio motorcar in front of a bank near the street. Upon returning, he said he noticed two men sitting on a bridge, but noted that he paid them no mind as he entered his motor vehicle.

However, the young man said that as he was turning on to the public road to return home, another motor vehicle, PPP 5888, drove in front of him while the two men who were sitting on the bridge jumped into his car.

One of the men reportedly held a gun to Narine’s head demanding that he turn over a bag containing $600,000.

The audibly distressed man told Inews that he denied having that amount of money, but the men persisted in their demands.

Minutes after, Narine said the driver of the vehicle that blocked his path entered his [Narine’s] vehicle, armed with a gun, and ordered him to drive.

The three suspects- who were reportedly masked- took the father of one to a location at the back of the Zeelugt New Scheme where they reportedly hauled him out of the vehicle and threatened that he turn over a bag containing $600,000 or they would kill him.

Narine’s knee was injured in during the robbery

“They ask me ‘bout 3 times and them seh them gon shoot me and kill meh…Them lash me in the right side knee at the back and them ask me fuh the $600,000 and meh seh me nah know bout $600,000, them mistake me, and them nah answer…And then them seh they gon shoot meh and kill meh,” the man told this online publication.

Narine recounted that after being physically abused, one of the bandits shot once near his feet, then as they were about to fire another shot, a truck was seen coming in their direction.

He said that the men then hit him over the head, knocking him unconscious and locked him in the trunk of his own car before fleeing the scene.

This online publication was told that when Narine awoke almost an hour later, he contacted his family after realising that his mobile phone was still in his pants pocket.

Shortly after, he said, his brother along with a police officer arrived at the scene and he was released from the trunk.

Further inspections in the car revealed that the men had stolen Narine’s $85,000 car installment as well as $3,000 in change.

Reports were made to both the Leonora and Parika Police station.

Thus far, no arrests have been made.

Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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