Trio in court for unlawful wounding during accident dispute

Saul (Green Shirt) Hemchal (check shirt)

Saul (Green Shirt) Hemchal (check shirt)
Saul (Green Shirt) Hemchal (check shirt)

[] – A bus driver of  El Dorado Village, West Coast Berbice was refused bail by Magistrate Judy Latchman on Tuesday (January 7) for unlawfully wounding a construction worker.

Trevlon Saul pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge which detailed that on Saturday, January 4 at Sheriff Street, Georgetown he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Hemchand Hemchal. 

Saul in his defence told the Court that on the day in question his minibus was out of gasoline and another bus came from behind and hit the right side his bus.

He explained, “I turned around and asked, how y’all gon’ drive and hit people bus like that and four men exited the bus, armed with wood in their hands and started to hit him.

Base on the explanation, Magistrate Latchman entered a not guilty plea for the defendant.

Moses Prince
Moses Prince

Meanwhile, 35 – year –  old Hemchal and  32 – year – old Moses Prince of Lot 5 Prince William Street, Plaisance, Greater Georgetown,  pleaded not guilty to separate charges that said on the same day at Sheriff Street, they unlawfully assaulting Saul.

Police Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt indicated that a broken bottle was used to wound Hemchal.

Prince and Hemchal were granted $30,000 bail each and the matter stands adjourned for January 15.



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