Trio gets 16 years jail each for robbing, battering judge and husband


The three young men who were last week found guilty of robbing and battering Land Court Judge, Nicola Pierre, and her spouse, Mohamed Chand, have each been sentenced to sixteen years in prison for the crimes committed against the couple.

Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul handed down the sentence today at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court despite the trio’s pleas for leniency and denial of involvement in the crimes.

Damion Millington and Warren Mckenzie, both 22 years of age, along with 18-year-old Nicholas Narine were found guilty of two counts of robbery under arms and also two counts of felonious wounding committed on the couple.

Land Court Judge Nicola Pierre and her spouse, Mohamed Chand
Land Court Judge Nicola Pierre and her spouse, Mohamed Chand

Each of the young man was sentenced to four years in prison for each charge and it was ordered that the time they serve in prison be done consecutively.

In explaining the reason for handing down the sentence for each of the young man, Magistrate Ally-Seepaul stated that this was because of the serious nature of the crimes which resulted in the severe injuries suffered by both the Land Court Judge and her husband as well as the fact that a weapon (a firearm) was used in the robbery attack and the value of the items which were stolen had also been taken into consideration.

Pierre received a broken jaw after her attackers had beaten her mercilessly while executing the robbery. Also, her husband had to undergo surgery to have one of his eyes removed due to the damage it received while he was being beaten by the perpetrators.

On July 9 last year, at Montrose, East Coast Demerara (ECD), it was alleged that the perpetrators who were armed with a dangerous weapon, a firearm, beat and robbed Pierre of a quantity of gold and diamond jewellery, a nugget of gold, and a quantity of gem stones among other items, including several Nintendo games a total value of $1M.

JAILED: Damion Millington, Warren Mckenzie, Nicholas Narine were given sixteen years each
JAILED: Damion Millington, Warren Mckenzie and Nicholas Narine were each sentenced to sixteen years in prison 

Additionally, they were said to have robbed her husband, Chand, of five wrist watches, a Samsung Galaxy S5 cellular phone, US$8,000, a wedding ring, four ‘Oakley’ sunglasses and one brown leather wallet, a total value of $2.6M.

Initially it was five men who were charged for the crimes but two of them were found not guilty of the charges.

Premnauth Samaroo and Anthony David 28, of 63 Hadfield Street, Stabroek, Georgetown, were acquitted last week.



  1. I think it should have been like 30 years each…let get raid of these pest to society ..cause like them have more rite than anything else..


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