Trio found guilty of murdering vendor during robbery


Three men were on Tuesday convicted by a jury in the Demerara High Court of the murder of Dhanpaul Dookie, the vendor who was killed during a robbery at his home in 2017.

Chandrapaul Persaud, also called “Raju” or “Duffy”; Heralall Ramdhan, also called “Baba” or “Roshan”; and Jagishwar Dhanai, also called “Toto”, had been on trial for the capital offence before Justice Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and a mixed 12-member jury.

The indictment stated that they murdered Dhanpaul Dookie between July 24 and 26, 2017 during the course or furtherance of a robbery in the county of Demerara. They were all represented by legal counsel.

A sentencing hearing for these convicted men has been set for June 27 at 09:00h.

Police had stated that Dookie, a farmer/vendor, was found dead with stab wounds to his abdomen, lower back, hip, forehead and right eye in his home in Uitspa Village, Demerara River. After committing the act, the perpetrators had reportedly made their way into the man’s home, from whence they raided money and jewellery, among other items, before escaping.

The man’s decomposing body was found by persons who had gone to check on him.