Trio charged with rape of New Amsterdam woman


The three men who allegedly raped a New Amsterdam woman were today charged and placed on bail when they made their court appearances.

The accused persons, Shrewin Scott,27, his brother Royan Scott, 24, both of Mango Street Rose Hall Town, along with Wilton Leps of Albion were not required to plea to the indictable charge which was read by Magistrate Alex Moore.

It is alleged that on October 23, 2016, they had sexual intercourse with a 20-year-old girl of New Amsterdam against her will.

Police Prosecutor Inspector Godfrey Platter had no objection to the accused persons being granted bail.

Reports indicate that at about 4:30hrs on the morning in question, the victim came out of a bar in New Amsterdam while under the influence of alcohol and saw a white Allion motorcar in the vicinity of the club and solicited a drop home.

The young men agreed to give her a ride and after getting into the car, she was informed that the men intended to drop off a friend on the Corentyne before taking her home.

They then drove 18-miles out of New Amsterdam to Albion and along the estate road, where they stopped the motorcar at an abandoned house. The woman was reportedly invited inside.

The victim told investigators that the three men took turns in raping her, after which she managed to open the door and escape leaving most of her clothing behind.

As she got out of the yard, a lorry was approaching in which she sought refuge. She was taken to the Albion Police Station where a report was made.

The suspects were subsequently taken into custody.

Magistrate Moore has ordered that the three suspects Sherwin Scott, Royan Scott and Wilton Leps return to court on December 19.

The trio could not pose bail and as such were sent to prison until their next court appearance.


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