Trio charged with noise nuisance


Wendell Baird. [iNews' Photo]
Wendell Baird. [iNews’ Photo]
[]Three men appeared before Magistrate Judy to answer a noise nuisance charge.

Wendell Baird, a 52 – year – old businessman of Lamaha Street, Georgetown, Delroy William, 25 and Shawn Levan, a line attendant at DDL all pleaded guilty to the charge, which alleged that on December 1 at Seawall Road between Camp and Vlissingen Road they operated a domestic music set in a loud and continuous manner which cause a nuisance to the neighborhood.

The trio was unrepresented but Attorney- at – Law James Bond spoke on behalf of the men and informed the Court that there is no neighborhood in that area.

Police Prosecutor, Renetta Bentham told the court that around 22:00 hrs on the seawall road, Baird did not obtain a police permit and operated an alcoholic bar and permitted the other defendants to operate a stereo set in a loud and continuous manner, resulting in a nuisance to ranks on duty.

A report was made to the police and the men were arrested. According to Baird, “If I had known that it was disturbing at the Earth station I would have turned it off completely because it would affect my business”.

He added that when the other defendants came, he told them to play but not to use too much base.

Delroy William. [iNews' Photo]
Delroy William. [iNews’ Photo]
The father of 13 children was placed on $20,000 bail until December 10. Meanwhile, the other two defendants were fined $10,000 each with an alternative of seven days imprisonment.



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