Trio arraigned for murder of Albert Street pensioners


Three young men were on Wednesday arraigned for murder when they appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann Mclennan at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court following the deaths of two Albert Street pensioners on Tuesday last.

From Left: Steven Andrews, Phillip Suffren and Imran Khan, making their way to Court

Imran Khan, alias, Christopher Khan, 25, Steven Andrews, 26 and Phillip Suffren, 23, were not required to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that between October 2, 2017 and October 3, 2017, at South Road and Albert Street; they murdered  88-year-old Constance Fraser and 75-year-old Phyllis Melrose Caesar during the course of a robbery.

Bail was refused to the trio and they were remanded to court. They are expected to reappear on October 26, 2017.

INews had previously reported that on the day in question, Fraser and Caesar were found in the upper flat of their two story home, in their respective bedrooms, lying unconscious on their beds, bound and gagged.

The house had been ransacked and valuables were said to be missing.

The deceased were said to be active members of the Full Gospel Assembly Church and as such, when Caesar failed to report to the place of worship to conduct her daily duties, congregation members went in search of them, leading to the revelation of their deaths.

When Imran Khan- the alleged mastermind in the double-murder- was apprehended, he reportedly confessed to committing the heinous crimes, while holding out that the plan was never to kill the two elderly women.

The suspect, this publication was informed, recalled that he and two others (who also reportedly confessed to the crime) climbed into the veranda and opened one of the windows to gain entry into the house. Whilst in the house, he noted that the two women were asleep in separate bedrooms.

He reportedly confessed that they went into the first room, woke up the woman, and demanded that she hand over her money and other valuables. As the woman was about to raise an alarm, they stuffed her mouth with pieces of cloth and “choked” her. Khan claimed she died almost immediately.

They then went to the other bedroom and repeated the action. After they realized that both women were dead, they ransacked the house for money. Apart from cash and jewellery, the trio escaped with a television set and a mobile phone belonging to one of the women.

The mobile phone, a Police source had stated, was found in Khan’s possession after he was arrested on Sunday in the Pomeroon River. The SIM card that was found in the phone belonged to Phillip Suffren.

Left: Constance Fraser, Right: Phyllis Caesar

Meanwhile, Constance Fraser and Phyllis Melrose Caesar were laid to rest earlier today (Wednesday) in the presence of a large gathering consisting of family, friends, congregation members and other loved ones.


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