Trio accused of murdering Rubis employee for High Court trial


The three men who were detained for the murder of Jason Cort were on Tuesday arraigned before City Magistrate Judy Latchman and sentenced to stand trial at the High Court for the unlawful killing of the Rubis Gas Station accountant.

The Magistrate ruled that a prima facie case was established against Stancy Rodney, 28; David Eastman, 25; and Clifton Gibson, 32, for the murder of Jason Cort, and they will stand trial at the next sitting at the High Court.

Rodney, when given a chance to speak declined the opportunity; his Attorney, George Thomas, said that one witness will be called at the High Court trial.

The second accused, Eastman, told the court that he was beaten by Police Officers in an attempt to force him to give a statement. Attorney-at-Law Paul Fung-A-Fat stated that his client wishes to reserve witnesses for the High Court and will not disclose the names of same, owing to his fear of members of the Police Force.

Represented by Defence Attorney Melville Duke, Gibson opted to remain silent, declining the chance to present witnesses.

Jason Cort, a senior employee attached to Rubis Guyana Inc was gunned down in July of last year, at his Lot 262 Jamoon Drive, Meadowbrook home.

Cort was fatally shot to the chest shortly after entering his premises with fiancé, Shauna Garraway. He was rushed to Balwant Singh Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival.

Several persons had related that upon hearing the loud explosion and looking outside, they observed persons scaling the fence of Cort’s home and making good their escape up the road.

Following the shooting, the three men were arrested and charged with the offence.








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