Trini burger joint owner killed in suspected `hit’


(Trinidad Guardian) The murder of Navindra “Nari” Chatoor, owner of South’s popular burger joint Chatoor’s Burgers, has been described as a “hit” by police.

Chatoor was killed on Monday night while at his burger cart at Cross Crossing, San Fernando, shortly after 10 pm.

Navindra “Nari” Chatoor

A man dressed in black and wearing a hat partially covering the face walked up to him and shot Chatoor twice in the head at point blank rage in front of other customers.

Chatoor is now the fifth member of his family to be killed and his murder came nine days before the three-year anniversary of the death of his brother, Rishi. Chatoor leaves to mourn three brothers, who were said to be very distraught over his killing. Chatoor was also said to be expecting his first child with his common-law-wife in July.

A relative, who did not want to speak to the media, only described the incident as “very sad and shocking”.

On May 22, 2015, Rishi, 32, was killed during a shooting incident at a bar not too far from where he lived at St. John’s Village. Another man, Ishmael Mohammed, 60, was also killed in the incident and five others wounded. That same year, Rishi was charged with possession of an illegal firearm. Rishi’s murder was also a “hit”, police said.

On May 4, 2008, Kimraj Chatoor, 41, of Pancham Street, Borde Narve Village, was asleep at his home when men entered and brutally chopped him to death. His wife and three children jumped through a window to escape the attack.

Kimraj’s brutal murder was also believed to be a hit.

Another brother, Balchan, was murdered by poisoning.

But according to police sources, the murders of the Chatoor brothers stemmed from the 2006 murder of their father, Harry. Harry was killed during a robbery at their home at St John’s Village. His death was also classified by then Homicide investigators as a murder, as it is believed robbery was not the real motive. On July 27, 2006, Marlon Hope appeared before a Princes Town magistrate charged jointly with another man for Harry’s murder. It is believed that possible motives for the killing of the relatives over the years may have been from revenge to reprisals.

Up to press time, Chatoor’s mother, Shirley, who was vacationing abroad, was due to return to T&T on the next available flight.

A close friend of the Chatoor family, who spoke to the T&T Guardian under strict anonymity, said Shirley has been inconsolable since she heard the news.

“This is such a tragedy for her, especially having to lose her husband to gunmen who robbed them, then seeing her sons being killed one after the next. It is too much for she and the family to bear. The three brothers are now left are very broken and not talking much,” the friend said.

Asked if all the murders seemed to have a connection, the friend said: “Shirley doesn’t believe so. People in the village saying otherwise though. People have terrible things to say for whatever reason.”

Chatoor was described as a “cool guy” by one of his close friends, who also wished not to be identified.

“He was a kind person, always jolly and was very giving. He was always helping someone out and if you don’t have money and went to him he would have given a free meal with a smile. But when he was angry about something or someone he was a different person…I guess like most of us are.”

Head of the Southern Division, Snr Supt Zamsheed Mohammed, said investigating officers were yet to determine a motive for the killing up to last evening.

Investigations are continuing.


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