Trial into 2013 Meten-meer-zorg robbery/murder continues …Prosecution star witness testifies

Zulficar Namdar and wife in happier times
Zulficar Namdar and wife in happier times

The High Court trial regarding the killing of 20-year-old Zulfikar Namdar during the course of a robbery in September 2013 continued today (Tuesday) but events took a dramatic turn when Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Demerara native Nick Skeete, who was deported to Guyana in 2012, identified the seven accused as being part of crime planning.                     

The self-coined drug pusher lived 200 yards from the Namdars, whose grocery store was raided by gunmen which left their 20-year-old son dead in a pool of blood.

Skeete is the cousin of number one-accused Allan Dorsett, called “Baird, husband of number 7 accused Cassandra Singh-Dorsett.

Skeete claimed he knew the other men Samuel Bacchus, Esan Lawrence and Delwayne Croft through his cousin and he grew up with Andrew Chandler who was the late man’s childhood friend. The witness also says accused Jermain Williams is his wife’s cousin.

Croft and his cousin bought marijuana from him; he said, adding that Dorsett had a black vehicle and a few financial problems.

He told the jury that on September 3, 2013, the men bought ‘some weed’ from him and smoked at a tree in his backyard when he supposedly heard them planning to rob his neighbours. 

Skeete related that on the night of September 10, 2013, he saw the men brandishing weapons, noting that Croft, who sported dreadlocks, had a long firearm and the others smaller guns. About 5 minutes after they left, he heard gunshots; later learning of young Namdar’s demise.

He was arrested six days after and police held three confrontations with him, Chandler, Croft and Dorsett but they all said they had no idea what Skeete was talking about.

Dorsett’s lawyer Nigel Hughes suggested that it was Skeete who planned the attack, highlighting instances where he changed his story several times. Skeete admitted under cross examination that he asked one of the Namdar’s workers if his boss man stored money in the house. 

Only yesterday the jury heard that Mrs. Dorsett gave the men head ties to cover their faces.

The trial continues before Justice Navindra Singh.



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