TravelSpan initiates non-stop service from JFK to Guyana


travelspanTravelSpan Vacations and Vision Airlines is currently applying to the US Department of Transportation for authorization to begin non-stop service to Guyana and Trinidad, using a wide-body 767, effective December 2013.

TravelSpan has been serving these markets for over 18 years and now recognizes the need for a new carrier to operate in the market based on the principals of fairness and customer service, the company stated in a press release.

TravelSpan will resume its tradition of using outstanding In-Flight Customer Service Representatives for the comfort of our passengers and our flights will be staffed with both Caribbean and American Flight Attendants.

TravelSpan will be collaborating with Vision Airlines who brings 20 years of aviation expertise along with a fleet of three (3) 767’s, three (3) 737’s and several DORNIER 328 aircraft.

TravelSpan also announced today that Rob Binns, former Chairman and CEO of Global Aviation – whose subsidiaries include North American Airlines and World Airways – have joined the Company in an advisory role. Mr. Binns holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Kansas and a Master’s degree in Political Behavior from Essex University in England.




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