TravelSpan gears for non – stop flights from Guyana to JFK on Dec. 14


By Kurt Campbell

Nohar Singh
Nohar Singh

[] – As TravelSpan prepares to begin non-stop flights between Guyana and the United States of America (USA) on December 14, its Management has set out to boast about the delivery of an unmatched service.

TravelSpan was recently given the green light to commence the non-stop flights by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and has deposited a bond of over $200,000.

In September, TravelSpan was also given the go ahead by the US Department of Transport. On Saturday, November 16 iNews conducted an exclusive interview with the Company’s President Nohar Singh and a Member of its Board of Directors Rob Binnis at the Pegasus, Kingston, Georgetown.

The duo promised reliable and long term service coupled with cheap and competitive airfares. According to Singh, the company brings with it over twenty years of experience and has a very strong management team to steer the company’s operations here and abroad.

“We want to provide reliable and on time service because that’s what people want. In this regard our vision is to get a second aircraft that will begin flying in January to back up the current aircraft – wide – body767,” he explained.

He also bragged of a service with a difference that has already left thousands of passengers across the world satisfied.

“We will have an in flight Customer Service Representative, that’s the difference; also our airfares will be very competitive and affordable for all Guyanese.”

Ron Binnis
Ron Binnis

Prices to travel to the United States will be as low as $US300. For those desirous of having a white Christmas, just over US$600 – all taxes included – can make that dream come through. All passengers are allowed two pieces of luggage at 50lb each but can be accommodated with additional luggage at an added cost.

The Airline will fly as much as five times weekly between Guyana and the US at peak seasons and less during other seasons. According to Binns, the hope is to remain and build the market here. He said this will however require the support of the public.

Binns is optimistic that there will be no difficulties in this regard, noting that the response so far from the public has been overwhelming.

“The response has simply been excellent, we began sales in September and it has been amazing.”

The support of the public in the Company’s success was emphasized by the president. He said he anticipates that with its entry, the local market will become more competitive.

“I know there is a trend when a new airline comes airfares usually drop causing carriers not to stay, Guyanese must understand the effects of unlimited carriers” he said, adding that “our commitment is to stay long term and provide reliable and affordable service but in exchange we will need the support of all Guyanese.” TravelSpan is already plying the Guyana – Trinidad route.



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