TravelSpan ends partnership with Vision Airlines; New arrangement in the making



President of TravelSpan, Nohar Singh
President of TravelSpan, Nohar Singh

[] – TravelSpan is assuring its customers that it is not closing its operations in Guyana, but rather is ending its partnership with Vision Airlines, effective September 27.

The Company in a press release today, Wednesday, September 24 stated that it is in the process of finanlising a new arrangement with another airline in the Guyana market.

According to the airline, “In the recent months our customers have been plagued with mechanical issues with Vision Airlines which resulted with un-satisfactory service on the flights.

“Due to lack of consistent service proven by the significant amount of cancelled, and delayed flights that caused major inconveniences to our clients and the continued losses to TravelSpan and to Vision Airlines, effective September 27, 2014 we would be discontinuing our (GSA) General Sales Agent status.”

It was noted that all passengers booked to travel after September 27 will be protected with full refunds and offered the service of an alternate carrier.

For tickets paid in the United States, Travelspan has been protecting passenger’s monies in escrow.

“This precaution was taken so our customers would not be left stranded as with the case of previous carriers after they discontinued operations. For tickets paid in Guyana, Travelspan office will rebook passengers or offer a full refund. The Escrow Bank will take approximately 14 days for the refund to be processed and the cheques to be prepared for customers,” the Company’s press release noted.

Travelspan will announce details of the arrangement with the new carrier in the coming days on its website, FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.


  1. This person a blame that person. Please for God’s sake bring the people and take them back on time. People losing their jobs beacuse of all these excuses. And with this new arrangemenyts how we know things will be better? If you can’t do a good service get out .


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