Transformation of Police Force beckons, re-organisation being considered – Ramjattan


The Guyana Police Force could undergo a radical transformation with a proposal to have Regional Commanders actively being considered.

Speaking to GINA, Minister of Public Security and third Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan cited the example of Police Division ‘F’.

Minister Khemraj Ramjattan
Minister Khemraj Ramjattan

That Commander is responsible for Regions 1, 8 and 9, and the Minister noted the officer could eventually be responsible for one region. This change is as result of advice given by President David Granger, the Minister explained, “Each region will have a Police Division. We’ll have a Commander for each of those Regions which is going to be synchronized with Division”.

The exception, the minister added may be Region 4 which he said is so large that it may need two Divisions, “effectively though we have ten Regions, we’ll have eleven Police Divisions, Region 4 being divided into two Divisions”.

GINA, in a statement, said Ramjattan further explained that this move doesn’t mean that there will be Assistant Commissioners to head each Regional Division as Senior Superintendents or Superintendents could fill these positions: “For example, when they go to Lethem, there would be a Commander in that Region to take care of all the problems security wise, in that Region and that person will communicate with the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners at Administration so we can help him or her execute the policies of the Government”.

Government is taking several measures to ensure that the Guyana Police Force can better serve and protect citizens. These include increased training for ranks, locally and overseas and better equipment, including transportation, for the execution of their duties. Police stations and other facilities are also being built or rehabilitated as part of the effort to improve conditions of service for ranks.



  1. Transformation of Police Force beckons, re-organisation being considered – Ramjattan..
    Jhaat full of have name on paper only but absolute no power to transform police- security–PNC running you and PNC will forever run security in Guyana.
    Winstun Flex is your boss just like Harmong is Naga boss.. you guys are power nothings.


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