Traffic ranks remanded for trafficking narcotics


Two Traffic officers attached to ‘B’ Division have been remanded to prison for trafficking in narcotics.

The two officers covered their faces as they are being led away by Detective Sergeant Lawrence Thomas
The two officers covered their faces as they are being led away by Detective Sergeant Lawrence Thomas

The two constables, Bharrat Chatterpaul 28, of Lot 45 Princeton, Corriverton, and Delroy Fraser, 24, of Belladrum, West Coast Berbice, appeared before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whim Magistrate’s Court on Thursday and were denied bail.

The two are accused of having in their possession, 5 kilos of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking on Monday, December 19, in New Amsterdam.

The drug was allegedly found in a car bearing registration plate HC 3179, belonging to Chatterpaul.

Both pleaded not guilty to the offence.

Attorney Chardra Sohan, mitigating for bail on behalf of Chatterpaul told the court that the matter will have to be heard in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and Magistrate Alex More is currently on leave and will not be back until February. He said it will be against his client’s constitutional rights to have him sit in prison until then.

Sohan also argued that Chatterpaul has a medical condition. A medical certificate signed by Doctor Vinestri Khirodar indicated that he has been suffering from bronchial asthma for the past ten months. Sohan said if Chatterpaul is incarcerated he will suffer as it will be a health risk.

Sohan further told the court that Chatteraul was not a flight risk; and his father is willing to lodge his transport worth $28 million for Chatterpaul to be placed on bail. He pleaded with the court to grant bail to the Police officer, saying that if he is remanded he will be placed with persons whom he may have dealt with during his eight years serving as a Police officer.

Fraser who has been serving on the force since May this year told the court that he is being represented by Attorney Kin Kyte-John who was not in court.

Sohan argued that Chatterpaul is claiming that he was on an assignment when his car was broken into and the alleged drug was found. The Lawyer told the court that Chatterpaul was given a parcel by Deputy Commander Kevin Adonis to take to Officer Leitch at the Whim Police Station and on his return, his car was already opened and the drug was taken out.

However, Police prosecutor Phillip Sherriff told the court that his facts differ.

The Magistrate said the matter will be sent to the Chief Magistrate on December 30, for it to be reassigned to another Magistrate since Magistrate Moore is currently on leave.

Detective Sergeant Lawrence Thomas who swore to the evidence then handcuffed the two policemen and led them away.

As he was being escorted in handcuffs, Chatterpaul was reportedly verbally abusive to the media present.


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