Traffic offenders get the ease of paying fines in any magisterial district


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Traffic offenders now have the ease of paying their fines in any magisterial district as opposed to what was previously obtained where offenders had to pay their fines in the district where the offence was committed.

For example, if a Georgetown resident was fined for speeding in Corentyne, that person would have had to pay the fine in that area, however with the amended law, the individual can now pay for the offence in Georgetown.

This is as a result of the amendment to the Summary Jurisdiction Act in the National Assembly on Thursday (January 16). According to Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall the amendment aims to improve the efficiency of the ticketing system and make the payment for tickets more convenient.

However, his opposition counterpart Basil William though lending his support for the amendment seemed to think that there were more serious traffic issues that should engage the attention of the House.

He claimed that the amendment though important lacked substance and called for proper solutions to alleviate the carnage and loss of lives on the roadways.

In this regard, the Legal Affairs Minister proposed that more education and public awareness sessions be embarked upon. He also called for the initialization of a national conversation on the issue.

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee also spoke to the commencement of a Road Safety Awareness Programme shortly.




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