Trade and Tourism Expo opens in New York

The Ministry of Housing Booth at the Trade and Tourism Expo

The hundreds of patrons that attended the opening of the Guyana Trade and Tourism Expo in New York were more than thrilled by the energetic and entertaining cultural performances that heralded the start of three-day event, from June 28-30.

The Fitzgerald Stadium came alive on Friday evening as Guyanese music filled the air and the aromas of local food wafted about, welcoming the throngs that came to see the display of craft, products, food and fashion.

Many were captivated by the colourful displays in the isles as each exhibitor sought to display their company logos in grand style, with banners of green, red, yellow, blue and a kaleidoscope of other colours adorning the venue.

Addressing the gathering at the opening ceremony, Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister (ag), Irfaan Ali extended warm greetings and expressed his gratitude that the patrons took the time to visit the event and to participate in the many sweepstakes  and activities planned for the occasion.

Sir Clive Lloyd autographing souvenir bats
Sir Clive Lloyd autographing souvenir bats

“Today we join all of our brothers and sisters back home in sharing a piece of your country with you and the many opportunities that you can be part of. That is why we brought this Trade and Tourism Expo here, we believe that we have a strong tourism product,” Minister Ali announced.

Vice President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) Mr. Christopher Nascimento also spoke of the investment climate in Guyana and reiterated the Minister’s call for more Guyanese to return home.

“We need every one of you to partner with us and to return home to invest and retire, you are our partners and we are your partners, so let us join together,” he stated.

Tourism brand ambassador and veteran Guyanese cricketer, Sir Clive Lloyd also spoke of the developments in Guyana and also called for more persons to witness the developments taking place.