Tractor operators warned against using cage wheels on public roads

Mud on the road surface is being considered a traffic hazard

Tractor operators will be charged if they are caught using cage wheels on the Corentyne Highway, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The warning was issued by Regional Police Commander, Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus.

Several vehicle operators traversing the Corentyne Highway have repeatedly complained of the difficulty they experience while driving when mud is deposited on the carriageway from the cage wheels of tractors coming out of dams on the rice cultivation areas.

According to Brutus, it is something which has been happening for years and it has become a culture. “But not a good one,” he noted.

“The mud, when it dries, it damages vehicles and it is also a risk on the road because it becomes slippery when it rains,” the Commander noted.

One driver, in explaining the difficulty of driving with the deposits of mud on the road, said as drivers they have to be extremely cautious.

“If something run across the road, you can’t stop. The car could go anywhere when you try to stop or try to turn to save the animal.”

In an effort to be lenient, the Commander said owners and operators of those tractors could first wash the mud off of the wheels before coming onto the main thoroughfare.

“There are a lot of trenches there that they can use to wash the mud off of the cage wheels before coming on to the Public Road. We will be seeking to enforce this from now onwards,” Brutus said. (Andrew Carmichael)