Town Council cleans up dead fish in Essequibo Coast canal


The Anna Regina Town Council yesterday led a cleanup exercise to remove all the dead fish from the canal between Richmond and La Belle Alliance, Essequibo Coast.

The cleanup team included Mayor Rajendra Prabhulall and Deputy Mayor Rudolph Williams as well as Superintendent of Works, Brian Hercules; Environmental Health Office,r Eshwin Persaud and several councillors.

A dig hole was dug out which was used to bury the dead fish, bringing much relief to nearby residents who were complaining about the foul stench.

Meanwhile, staff from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Georgetown Office also visited the area and took samples of the water to carry out tests.

Agriculture Minister Noel Holder had revealed that the fish most likely died due to lack of oxygen in the water, which could have been as a result of low water levels, owing to the prolonged dry season.


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