Town Clerk warns of heightened enforcement of City laws


As a result of reports that have surfaced which indicate that some Stabroek Market vendors are not adhering to City laws, which prohibit vending in that area, Town Clerk Royston King has vowed to heighten enforcement.

The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has urged that all relocated vendors uphold commitments made with the municipality to keep public areas free of obstacles, particularly vending.

Town Clerk, Royston King
Town Clerk, Royston King

According to the Town Clerk, numerous reports have been received by the municipality stating that many vendors are now returning to spots where they formerly vended.

King said that “this is against what was agreed to between the Council and vendors, and thus demands some amount of enforcement”.

He added that the Administration and the City Constabulary would continue to closely monitor citizens’ adherence to City laws as there were “significant strides to beef up our ability to enforce these regulations”.

Two temporary locations have been provided for the street vendors of various stripes.
Food, fruit, clothes and accessories among other items are being sold at Parliament View Mall at Lombard and Hadfield streets, while barbers, nail technicians and other grooming services’ providers are at Merriman Mall.

The Town Clerk is adamant that these trades are not to be practised at any other locations other than those specifically provided.
Some vendors were allowed to vend at locations specified by the Council; however, King explained that this was only temporary.

He said that while these persons may have a marginal effect on public mobility and access, the law is clear about items being stored or left in public areas.

King divulged that it is expected of those persons to observe laid-out rules which state, among others, that they need to have proper receptacles close to their operations, keep their work space sanitary, only display a manageable amount of goods and not create hindrances for the free movement of citizens.
These vendors are also prohibited from having items hanging overhead on pavements or in front of established businesses.

The municipality warned that no vending will be permitted in the Stabroek Square. Minibuses, taxis and private cars are not permitted to park in this location. “This historical site is to be left clear and clean,” King insisted.


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