Town Clerk tried to bribe the Mayor- Chase – Green alleges

Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba and Mayor Hamilton Green.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Public Relations Officer, Royston King and Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase - Green. [iNews' Photo]
Public Relations Officer, Royston King and Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase – Green. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase – Green today revealed that Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba allegedly attempted to bribe Mayor Hamilton Green.

At a press conference, the Deputy Mayor said “recently Miss Sooba attempted to bribe the Mayor, because she called him last Friday to say Mr. Mayor you and I can work together, what I am going to do, I’m gonna fix up your office, I’m gonna buy furniture for your office, I am going to do blinds for your office, I am going to refurbish your office.”

However, Chase-Green said her offer was rejected by the City Mayor, since he has no interest in taking any bribes.

“The Government is using Miss Carol Ryan Sooba as an instrument to cause unrest in the city of Georgetown,” Chase – Green said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Green said it was a sad day for the country since ordinary citizens were prevented from entering City Hall by Sooba and her bodyguard who is a “person of questionable character.”

Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
Green condemned Sooba’s behavior against citizens of Georgetown, who were unable to transact business with the council, due to Sooba’s instruction to prevent persons from entering the compound, after the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and councilors organized a meeting for residents of the city to educate them about their rights relating to local government elections.



  1. However, Chase-Green said her offer was rejected by the City Mayor, since he has no interest in taking any bribes….the once would be king will never give up trying to be king ruler..the big bad Hammie the woman hater now has one lone woman in he corner coz of de same name doing he duty wok. all their perks will soon come crashing. i wish some ruthless people would be elected to rule who can jail these old timers big time. let them dead in jail will be a fitting tribute to them.

  2. Your nonsense reeks.
    The same PNC dinosaurs are causing all the trouble.
    If you may be an ill informed and ignorant youth.
    Read your History.
    Mayor Green was once Prime Minster.
    Mr Granger was Forbes Burnham sidekick.
    You may also be part and parcel of that old ilk.
    How can PPP be far worst when we now have money and development.
    PNC put us in a black hole of dire strait. PPP/c brought us into progress.

  3. Jon, we all know that PNC did a bad job, but that was many years ago. most of the active youths of today didn’t experience pnc days. if ppp was better they should have make a difference in this country, but instead they are doing far more worst than the pnc time. why every time is election time PPP bring up the race card. whn u have incompetent leaders u end up with the mess Guyana in today.

  4. What are you saying that Guyana is dump, for the first time someone is saying the right thing about your country. This has nothing to do with PNC and PPP. So let’s keep it moving !!!

  5. As a person with medical background, you could be neutering donkeys!
    You should stick to being an animal doctor.
    Your expertise is not politics.

  6. We went into 1992 knowing the PNC screwed up. Fine. But for the PPP to come and double the screw up, means time for a regime change!

  7. As a Guyanese that’s living overseas and reading about the nonsense that’s going on with this woman, I must say it’s ashamed that they can’t remove her and from a person with medical background I personally feel this woman needs to be in a mental institution, up to this point I don’t understand what she need body guards for?!!

    Tax payers paying for her drama and her body guards and the crap she carrying on with, while tax payers struggling to make a decent living.
    A mentally unstable person don’t need body guards, she needs to be locked away where she can never see the light of day again.


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