Tourist on visiting cruise ship robbed, beaten

MS Serenissima

One of the 77 tourists who arrived in Guyana on the MS Serenissima was robbed of his belongings in the wee hours of Saturday morning at Lombard Street, Georgetown.

Based on reports, 40-year-old Neil Horrocks reportedly arrived at Lombard Street, Georgetown, in a taxi at about 01:00h after leaving a popular Main Street, Georgetown, nightspot.

After he exited the taxi, he was pounced on by two men who demanded that he hand over his valuables. The perpetrators made their escape with a quantity of cash and the tourist’s credit card.

During the encounter, Horrocks received injuries about his body and was treated by a doctor on board the MS Serenissima. A report was filed to the police.

The vessel arrived in Guyana on Friday morning and was docked at the Guyana National Shipping Corporation’s (GNSC) port. There are 77 travellers and over 50 crew members on board.

MS Serenissima

Earlier last year, the Chief Constable, Andrew Foo had labelled the Stabroek Market and its immediate surroundings as one of two criminal hotspots for petty thieves who linger and rob persons.

“There’s a trend emerging where I would say what in terms to be ‘soft targets’. They tend to look at persons who may be possibly foreigners or tourists because in most cases, when they’re robbed, some don’t make official or formal police reports.

They tend to just leave the country,” he was quoted as saying.


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