Tourism authorities call for better security at Georgetown Seawalls as mural unveiled


As Tourism Awareness Month comes to a close, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has unveiled a public awareness mural in an effort to not only continuously highlight the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings but also to contribute to the beautification of the Kingston Seawall and its environs.

The event, held in the open space along the Kingston Seawall with all COVID-19 protocols
observed, featured remarks from the Manager of Product Development within the GTA – Mr.
Kamrul Baksh, Chairman of the Sea Defence Board Ministry of Public Works – Brigadier Gary Beaton, President of THAG – Mr. Mitra Ramkumar and Ms. Sherry-Ann Dyal of the Seawall and Beyond Volunteer Group.

Ms. Dyal recognised the GTA for its efforts to raise public awareness of their initiative. She
further emphasised that “the task ahead in changing hearts and minds to better care for our coastline is not an easy one. Change should not only be the agencies that are associated with the clean-up but also the general public that utilises this space on a regular basis.”

Mr. Baksh expressed that “the Seawalls and Beyond Group has made tremendous strides in
championing a clean and healthy environment for the area. Recently the GTA made a donation to the group, to ensure the noble efforts are continued, the Authority will continue to promote it so that others will be more responsible and try to curb the destruction of the environment.”

Mr Ramkumar spoke about the need for better security in the area.

“We would want to see a situation where our guests can come out here freely. At the moment, we only advise for persons to come and enjoy this beauty…with a guide because of security concerns,”

“So I have an appeal here to our security personnel…that we need some more enforcement and some more policing in terms of ensuring that this area is kept safely,” the THAG President said.

The mural which stretches from the Seawall Road to Camp Street junction depicts various
messages that encourage patrons who frequent the area to keep it clean and to leave only
footprints. This mural was conceptualised by the GTA and completed by well-renowned artist, Nigel Butler of the Circle of Artists group.