Toshao’s Council commend appointment of Indigenous Rep to NIS board

Mervyn Williams
Mervyn Williams
Mervyn Williams

[] – The Executive Board of the National Toushao’s Council has commended the appointment of Mervyn Williams to serve on the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Board of Directors as an Indigenous People’s representative.

The appointment which was made on July 29, 2015, marks the first time someone of Indigenous heritage is forming part of the composition of the National Insurance Board.

The Council says the appointment serves as a reminder to the Indigenous peoples of Guyana and the wider population, that the affairs of these people, remain imperative.

“We take this opportunity to highlight the fact that Mr. Williams has played a meaningful role in the economic, social and cultural development of the Indigenous peoples of Guyana. We deem him to be the ideal representative for our people, given his history of association with Indigenous affairs, and extensive knowledge of the operations and national agenda in this regard,” a release stated.

It was noted that Williams, through his appointment, will stand as a representative of over two hundred (200) Indigenous villages and communities, of over seventy thousand (70,000) Indigenous people from the nine (9) nations currently existing in Guyana.

“The Executive Board of the National Toshao’s Council sees Mr. Williams’ position on the National Insurance Board as a crucial one, which can aid in equitable distribution of benefits which Indigenous peoples in Guyana would have qualified for,” the statement noted.



  1. CONGRATUATIONS to Mr Marlon Williams, who is a veteran NIS Staffer and who I know will serve well. He is a action-oriented resident of Region #3 – I really was disappointed that e is now back as a APNU parliamentarian.


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