Toshao accused of sexually abusing minor – Police awaiting advice from DPP on how to proceed with matter


By Kristen Macklingam

A Toshao from an Amerindian community that falls under Police “G” Division (Essequibo Islands-Coast) is now under the microscope after allegations surfaced that he sexually molested a minor.

INews was told that the Toshao was arrested for the offence but is presently out of police custody after being granted station bail.

investigationCommander of “G” Division, Kevin Adonis, told INews this morning that law enforcement officials are currently awaiting advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) as to the way forward.

He stated that the child who is said to have been raped by the Toshao is a nine-year-old girl. She is presently in the custody of her relatives.

According to the Commander, such incidents have been on-going for a number of years in Amerindian communities, and are usually executed by relatives and even authoritative figures.

However, he acknowledged that with the introduction of the Sexual Offences Act, more reports are being made about such cases although most families, relatives and fellow villagers try to “keep quiet” about them.

“It appears to be a custom in Amerindian communities…I had sent a team in a particular area in the Pomeroon to investigate similar matters and when the team of policemen went, nobody there knows anything…next thing you hear over a month after they went, an 11-year-old girl gave birth…these villagers usually keep these incidents to themselves and do not involve the police,” Commander Adonis lamented.

INews was further told that whenever such reports made, the first persons that receive them are village leaders, nurses, even welfare officers, and they in turn notify the police.



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