Top Guyana Ambassador says it is “time to concede”

Dr. Odeen Ishmael, former Ambassador from Guyana to Venezuela
Guyana's Ambassador to Kuwait, Odeen Ishamel s
Guyana’s Ambassador to Kuwait, Odeen Ishamel s

[] – One of Guyana’s senior Ambassadors, Odeen Ishamel says that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) should concede victory to the APNU+AFC alliance which has won the May 11 2015 National polls.

Ishmael is currently Guyana’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Kuwait and concurrently (from 2013) as non-resident Ambassador to Qatar.

In political life, Ambassador Ishmael served in the Central Committee and the leadership of the Progressive Youth Organization from 1972 to 1982 and in the Central Committee of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) of from 1980 to 1988.

In a recent Facebook post, Ishmael said “it is my firm opinion that the PPP should concede since any recount will not statistically change the result of the elections as announced by GECOM.”

According to Ishmael by conceding victory, President Donald Ramotar will in no lesser ways demonstrate the unity that is needed to take Guyana forward.

“Good leadership is essential especially at this time; and by conceding and with the outgoing president meeting with the incoming president and offering working cooperation, at least that will be aptly demonstrated clearly to all Guyanese,” said Ishmael.



  1. And why do they still have him around ???? I still cant understand why he has to have a saying in everything …… He’s “former” president he needs to give other people a chance

  2. Ambassador Ishmael I am surprised …. what is this ? For Political expediency ? By whom ? In whose interest ?

  3. I fully agree. Mr Ramotar please do the right thing and accept defeat. Guyana is hurting. Our children need to attend school. Let’s unite our country . Stop dividing our people.

  4. I said before and will again the country needs leaders that are true,President Donald Ramotar you are one of those so step up and do not allow Jagdeo and Rohee etc. push you otherwise for once act like the man you are and not a puppet. and for Mrs. Harper what have you gotten yourself into I have known you and husband for years please do not allow your life to be corrupt by party loyalty do what you know best people first.

  5. Mr Ishmael:
    There maybe wrong doings done here which can compromise democracy. Should the architect of wrong doings be left to practice again Sir?

  6. What interpretation you get when a former President said that he is not going anywhere because…”This is My Country” instead of “This is Our Country”.

  7. The real issue here is that those guys were trained in Russia and the are not really qualified to function what they did was running the government by trial and error for example Steve was trained in Germany and he does not know the school he attended,he doesn’t even know vetenary medicine to begin with,the guy who granted jagdeo his PhD was fired from his job and was before the courts in his country ,the we’re a list of personal who were in that government didn’t know diddle squat time will deal with them power was sweet when you win but to give it up is very painful.

  8. Ramotar the people have fired you and your evil government. We all know barrat was pulling your strings. You need to exit and stop being a sore loser.
    Guyana does not belong to the thieving, pilfering, boorish, bulling, above the law party. The people have decided they want a coalition of inclusive parties to be the government. The international community does not recognize you any longer. You have been put out to pasture. TIme to go old man!


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