Top Cop says efforts being made to have tint regulations standardised

Commissioner of Police, Leslie James

Police Commissioner, Leslie James has stated that law enforcement officials are taking steps to ensure the usage of tints on vehicles, “and those of the joint services” are standardised.

The issue has been a contentious one, with several persons raising concerns about the tinting by motorists; both civilians and law enforcemnet ranks,  of their windscreens.

Speaking at his first press conference since being appointed Top Cop, James was quoted by DPI as saying that a “soon to be published document is being finalised on the use of tint.” He noted, “I know it is something that keeps recurring and it is something we need to address because there are citizens who feel that they are at a disadvantage where they would see persons who might be policemen or military men who are by themselves carrying tint….We will examine it and standardise it, and once it is standardised I think the citizens will feel a little better… that there is a level playing field.”

Currently, only those owners with vehicles that have a manufacturer’s tint are eligible for a tint waiver by the Ministry of Public Security.


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