Top Cop orders aggressive drug eradication campaign in Berbice

Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brumell


[] – “Where is my crime officer? Sir, I want an aggressive campaign to start against the drug houses in this division.”

That was the instruction of Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell to B Division crime officer during a meeting in the district on Tuesday (January 28) with disgruntled residents.

The Top Cop as well as the Assistant Commissioner of Administration Balram Persaud noted that it was only the “small fishes” who are being brought to Court on drug related cases while the “Big Boys” continue to go untouched.

The sentiments of the two senior police officers were also expressed by President Donald Ramotar in the past along with residents of the Upper Corentyne in Region 6.

One resident told the police top brass that all the communities only continue to see the young boys being led up the court stairs on drug charges and although the bigger players are known, there is not much being done and in most cases nothing at all.

Special mention of a lack of professionalism was mentioned with respect to the police ranks at the Number 51 Police station while another concern was raised about a Criminal Investigation Rank at the Whim Police Station who has been very reluctant to deal “straight” with the residents on the Corentyne Coast when investigating their complaints.



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