Top Cop hopeful problems affecting 911 service will be fixed soon

Acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine

Commissioner of Police (ag) David Ramnarine is hopeful that the problems with the 911 emergency lines will be addressed soon.

Acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine
Acting Police Commissioner David Ramnarine

Ramnarine said he is aware of the problems with the 911 system and assured that moves are afoot to remedy the situation.

The reliability of the 911 service has been a matter of concern, since it has been functioning ineffectively and inefficiently over the years.

There have been numerous complaints by citizens of calls to 911 going unanswered and of the unfriendly response from the operators.

Just recently, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) expressed concerns over the dysfunctional 911 service, which is supposed to provide prompt response to citizens under threat or in danger.


  1. Shame is putting it lightly. It an absolute disgrace to see what our politicians and leaders are doing to the ordinary Guyanese man.They drive their fancy cars, walk around with top level security, live in expensive well secured homes. The ordinary many….he is fighting for survival, don’t know when the next set of ‘animals’ will run into his business/home and either take all of his money or kill him. Where is the hope ? Promises, promises..alas very little hope.The feelings of the ordinary man…

  2. Hopeful? Shame on you! What is number1 priority? Regardless of how much money it takes to fix make it priority and get it done ASAP. The government should sell Durban park and get 911 up and running


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