Top Cop announces promotions for 2019

Top Cop Leslie James

Commissioner of Police, Leslie James during his 2019 New Year’s message announced the promotion of officers, Inspectors and other members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

According to the Top Cop, Guyana is likely to see a more reformed GPF, as the process for such reformation has begun and is expected to start bearing fruit in the first quarter of 2019.

As such, in consultation with their UK counterparts, James announced that they have embarked on training, infrastructural development and human resource management of their officers.

Touching on the promotions, the Commissioner said that “Promotions causes the recipients to exude feelings of joy, satisfaction and of course a sense of achievement. Equally, it can be a catalyst to motivate ranks who may be despondent because of not being promoted on this occasion. All is not lost, I urge that you remain resolute and steadfast in your good performance.”

See below an abridged version of the list of officers that were promoted:

Police prom 1Police prom 2Police Prom 3Police prom 4Police prom 5


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