Tombs within La Belle Alliance Cemetery broken into


Police in Region Two, Essequibo Coast are currently investigating the desecration of four tombs located with the La Belle Alliance Cemetery.

Some of the desecrated tombs

The discovery was made on Tuesday by a cattle farmer who was at the time grazing his animals.

INews understands that the tombs had been breached in several places. The skeletal remains of at least one woman had been taken out from her casket and was placed on the ground a short distance away. The skull and certain other bones were missing from those remains.

The corpse was identified as that of Sara Garraway of Danielstown, Essequibo Coast.

The three other tombs that were broken into still had their caskets intact, but it was not clear if bones were missing from them.

The headstone of the second tomb read “Campton Britton of Danielstown”, while only the word “Persaud” was visible on the third tomb. The fourth tomb was unmarked.

Contacted, the relatives of Campton Britton were shocked to learn what had happened, and could not say why anyone would want to break into the tomb of their departed loved one.

This ghastly development is greatly worrying to Region Two residents, and they are hoping that the corpses have not been used in some sort of trade or evil purpose.


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